“I visited your restaurant a while back and I really enjoyed the food. Those sweet potatoes were the bomb as well as
the other menu items. I only wish that I lived in the Houston area. There would be no more Burgers and Fries for
me…Just Soul from Just Oxtails!”
– Tiffiney B.
“I visited Just Oxtails for the first time on 5/18/07 and I must say my taste buds went into a praise, this is true soul
food, comfort food and food that was prepared with love. It brought back memories of great family gatherings. The
drive across town was well worth it.”
– Rillia J.
“Whenever I have a taste for oxtails, Just Oxtails is the place to go…I always enjoy the food and generous portions
given. Keep up the good work. Houston needs you…”
– Carol L.
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